Belize Culinary Tour

Culinary Tours

We offer a great variety of cultural and culinary tours. Here is a list, some of which can be combined for a great full day informative adventure. 

Belize Culinary Tour - chef tasting dinner - Hopkins Boutique Resort

Garifuna Emersion Tour

The Garifuna Peoples are and African based peoples that have Mixed with the traditional Caribe Indians in the 16th centuries and have pockets of settlements throughout the Caribbean. Hopkins is one such place and we can take you on a fabulous journey through time. You will dress in the traditional Garifuna garments and learn to make traditional Garifuna foods, hear and see drumming and learn about the Garifuna of Belize. This is a half day tour form 10 am to 2pm and you will prepare and eat a traditional lunch. 

Southern Maya Tour

Southern Mayan Ruins

You will drive south on the Sothern highway to the home of 2 Mayan Ruins Sites. You can choose to visit one or both and even combine this with a Spice farm tour. These ruins aren’t as extensively excavated as the Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich and it will be largely self guided interpretations, but the Ruins of Lim Ni Punit or Lu’ ba’an Tun are spiritual places and new discoveries are made there every year.

Belize Spice Farm Tour - Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Spice Farm Tour

We’ll take you on a 1.5 hour drive down the Southern highway past quaint villages to a working Spice Farm in Golden Stream. You will see and taste different spices on the trees and bushes where they grow and see how roasting and curing can change the flavor. You will never look at your spice rack at home again the same way.