Belize Group Travel Packages

Belize Group Travel

Group travel package has never been easier to plan. Our Belize experts can plan anything from room only to transports and adventure tours anywhere in the country. With Beaches and Dreams unique room configurations, we can take any size group (from 6 to 40) and plan a great family reunion/vacation, office/yoga retreat, Belize destination beach wedding, students trip, couples traveling together, or any type of group travel you may want.

Group Accommodations

Groups can rent clusters of rooms, all of our Beachfront Cabana Rooms, or all, our Boutique Hotel Suites, or any combination and receive substantial discounts at a full service location, where you will be better served than at the stand alone home rentals.

Group Meals

Plan group meals and fun events, like rooftop BBQ’s, beach parties, pool parties! All of these options are affordable and fun ways to take care of your groups and we can arrange dining on any level, from sit down tasting dinners to jungle picnics at waterfalls.

Group Transportation

Transportation for your group can be arranged to anywhere in the country and our top guides can show you Mayan ruins, The Belize barrier reef, or any specialized tours you may want.

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