Belize Jungle Adventure Tours

Jungle Adventure Tours

The Southern Barrier Reef is some of the most vibrant and alive coral systems in the world. Let our expert guides show you some fantastic fishing or world class snorkeling as you can only get on a small boat with just you or a small group. We can do private trips for the ultimate in personalized tours or ask us to combine a trip with 2 or 4 more people and we’ll do our best. 

Belize Nature Tours - Hiking Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Guided Nature Hikes

With 2 National Reserves within a 45 minute drive, you can choose from 6 or 7 different hikes with our knowledgeable guides. The most popular by far is the Antelope Falls hike in beautiful Mayflower Bocawina National Park, home of the longest Zip Line in Central America. For those wanting to do an unguided hike, we can also provide transport only to these locations. Both Cockscomb Basin national Park and Mayflower have waterfalls where you can hike and swim beneath the falls. At Cockscomb, rent a tube after the hike for a refreshing float on the river after your hike. Guides will point out the various flora and fauna and give an ongoing commentary on the natural History of the area. You can schedule a Zip Line then stay in the park to hike to Antelope as well. Guided or unguided, some of the most spectacular rainforest landscapes are right out your door.

Departs: As scheduled
Duration: Up to 5 hours

Belize Bird watching Tours Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Bird Watching

Whether you are an lifelong birder or someone out to ignite a lifelong passion that you can share with a significant other, you will enjoy the Birds of Paradise morning bird watching tour. Let our expert birding guides show you the many species of birds found right in our area as you will take a drive along the coastal area, up the Sittee River area and then back along the wetlands of the Hopkins Savannah to experience many micro eco systems and their feathered inhabitants. From the smallest of humming birds to the largest Jabirus’, you will be able find many species from the coastal great Blue Heron, pigmy kingfishers along the marsh and even maybe even the Toucans and Arakari along the Sittee River. Do you have a special bird that you would like to find? Just ask your guide and he will let you know the likelihood of finding your feathered prey. This trip can be customized for groups or individuals seeking certain species. This trip can also be combined with a guided hike in one of the 2 nearby National Parks, Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve or Mayflower Bocawina National Park. We are happy to pack you a picnic lunch and let our guides take you on an all day wild life and waterfall adventure of a life time.

Departs: 6:00-6:30am
Duration: 3-4 hours
What to bring: Water, Bug Repellent, binoculars, closed toe shoes. Long pants and shirt during wetter season is recommended.
Fitness level: Easy to Strenuous

Belize Horseback Riding Tour Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Horseback Riding

Whether you are a seasoned rider or beginner, Outback Trails can accommodate any level. Skilled wranglers guide you through a jungle trail along the upper Sittee River along world famous Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. Winding trails and grassy plains are the backdrop for this magnificent way to tour the Rainforest. You’ll see lots of birds and experience the jungle as you can only do on horseback. Take a dip in the stream to cool off before heading back to the ranch.

Departs: 7:45 or 12:45
What to bring: Bug spray, water, sunscreen, shoes that stay on your feet
Fitness level: Easy. Riders must be under 230 pounds

Belize Sittee River Wildlife Tour Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Waterfall Rapelling

Mayflower Bocawina Parks offers 2 waterfall rappels, the 160 foot Bocawina falls and the 450 Antelope falls. You will take a guided hike through the lush jungle as your guides point out various flora and fauna indigenous to the area. You will hike to the top of the falls where you will be given instruction on the waterfall rappelling techniques. Feel the adrenalin rush as you drop mover the side of the falls and rappel your way down to the bottom. Beginners or experts are welcome on this trip. This trip can be combined with Zip lining for a full day of jungle adventure. Full day combination trips include lunch from the Wild Fig restaurant at Bocawina Adventures.

Departs: 8:00-9:00am
What to bring: Bug repellant, good shoes that stay on your feet, clothes you can get wet.
Fitness level: Moderate - Strenuous

Belize Monkey River Day Tour Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Monkey River & Placencia Shopping

You will take a 1 hour ride on the Southern Highway to the Village of Placencia where a boat will pick you up for a thrilling ride  through the lagoon to, out to sea and to the mouth of the Monkey River. Your guides will bring you up the river where you can spot a plethora of flora and fauna. Ask your guides anything about this truly quintessential jungle river and they will point out the various interests along the way. You will see crocodiles, iguanas and turtles sunning, toucans, parrots, and all other manner of birds. You might even see a Boa Constrictor in the trees. The guides will pull over to a remote jungle trail for a short hike to see the highlight of the trip, a troop of Black Faced Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat. It is common to see them nursing their young and you may even hear the distinctive lion like roar of the males defending their territory. On the way back, you will stop for a great local lunch and search the lagoon for the telltale ripples on the surface of feeding manatees. When you return to Placencia, we’ll give you an hour to walk around the village and explore the shops or to grab a refreshing libation.

Departs: 7am/ returning 3-4pm Includes lunch
What to bring: Water, Bug Repellent, binoculars, closed toe shoes. Long pants and shirt during wetter season is recommended.
Fitness level: Easy to Moderate

Belize Cave Tubing Tours Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing at St. Herman’s Caves consist of a 10 minute walk from the park to the cave entrance. As you make you way to the caves you will bear witness to pristine rainforest as it was from the time of the Mayas, and many different tropical birds. At the entrance you're are given and introduction about the cave and what to expect while cave tubing. As you descend in the cave you will be overwhelmed with the beauty and it’s geological features that are found within the cave system. While inside the cave you will be walking for about 10 minutes upstream before starting the 2 hour tube float in the cave. Tubing trough the cave reveals the hidden beauty that is found inside these mystical places, which was once sacred to the Ancient Mayas. At the end of the cave tubing you will walk back up stream, where once again you get a chance to see the cave and its spectacular formations from a closer stand point, this continues all the way to the cave entrance. This tour makes a great combination with the Ruins of Xunantunich tour as it is half way back from the ruins.

Duration: 5 hours
What to bring: Bring shoes and clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Bug spray
Fitness level: Moderate

Belize Zipling Tours Hopkins Boutique Hotel

Zip Lining

Mayflower Bocawina National Park is a mere half hours drive away and home to the longest Zip Line in Belize. This Zip Line boasts 8 platforms high above the rainforest floor for over 2.5 miles of adrenalin producing zipping. Soar through the canopy and experience the jungle from a bird’s eye view. You will hike about half mile to the first zip, then climb the platform and zip from tree to tree.

What to bring: Bug Spray, Hiking shoes or Tivas
Fitness level: Moderate