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Belize Jungle Adventure Tours

Jungle Adventure Tours



Belize Bocawina hiking jungle waterfall tour

Bocawina perfectly combines jungle, mountains, wildlife, waterfalls, walking trails, swimming holes, small Maya sites, and adventures in a single location just 14 miles from Beaches and Dreams.


Go it alone or with one of our guides who will take you to the best spots to see birds, waterfalls, and howler monkeys.


Explore the jungle from the canopy on Belize’s longest zipline, boasting 8 platform high above the rainforest floor for over 2.5 miles of adrenalin-filled ziplining.


We also offer 2 waterfall rappels, the 160 foot Bocawina falls and the 450 foot Antelope falls. You will take a nature-filled hike to the top of the falls where you will be given instruction on the waterfall rappelling techniques before your feel the rush as you drop over the side of the falls. Beginners or experts are welcome on this trip.


Belize Bocawina hiking jungle waterfall tour
Cave Tubing

When you see the massive mouth of the St. Herman’s Cave, draped in vines and surrounded by bats, you’ll know you’re on a tubing adventure like no other. You’ll spend about 2 hours floating (and occasionally getting dragged) through the cave as your expert spelunker guides explain the formations, flora and fauna of the dark. At the end of your trip, you’ll get to take a dip in the crystal-blue waters of the “interior blue hole”.


Belize wildlife tours
Monkey River

We’ll take you an hour south to the Village of Placencia where a boat will pick you up for a thrilling ride through the mangroves to the mouth of the Monkey River. As you venture up the river, you will see crocodiles, iguanas and turtles sunning, toucans, parrots, and all other manner of birds, after which, you’ll take a remote jungle trail for a short hike to see the highlight of the trip, a troop of Black Faced Howler Monkeys in their natural habitat. After your guide’s family treats you to a local lunch in remote Monkey River Village, you’ll search for manatee as you boat back to Placencia where you can explore the village and grab an ice cream.

Jungle Horse

Skilled wranglers will guide you through a jungle trail along the upper Sittee River along world famous Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Preserve. Winding trails and grassy plains are the backdrop for this magnificent way to tour the Rainforest. You’ll be taken up to a large plateau for a panoramic view of the coast, as well as to the Sittee river for a quick swim before heading back to the ranch.

Night Jaguar Hunt

We’ll take you approximately 18 miles into Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, a preserve of over 120 acres that is home to over 60 jaguars. Originally a traditional Maya logging and hunting grounds, we’ll start your hike at sunset, armed only with headlamps and your guide, who will take you through winding paths as you experience the jungle come alive with nocturnal creatures including possum, kinkajous, owls, snakes, deer, tapir and if you’re lucky, the elusive Jaguar!

Belize Zoo

We’ll drive you 2 hours to the Belize Zoo, where you can get up close and personal with over 175 animals representing over 45 native species. Unlike most zoos, the Belize Zoo is an animal sanctuary, with all the animals having been orphaned, rescued, or born at the zoo.

More Wildlife

Belize wildlife tours
Crocodile Hunt and Bioluminescent Night

You’ll take a leisurely boat cruise up the Sittee river at dusk to spot crocodiles and other night life, after which we’ll bring you downriver and cut through a tunnel of mangroves to the mysterious Anderson Lagoon where you will witness the Bioluminescent glow of the water that the locals call “Burn Watah”. Rains can dilute the salinity and bioluminescence, making this a seasonal trip.

Birdwatching Toucan Hunt

Our expert birding guides will take you up the coastal area, up the Sittee River area and then back along the wetlands of the Hopkins Savannah to experience many micro ecosystems and their feathered inhabitants. From the smallest of hummingbirds to the largest jabiru, you will be able find over 40 species from the coastal great Blue Heron, pygmy kingfishers, Arakari—And of course, our Toucans!

Scarlet McCaws

We’ll take you about an hour south to Red Bank where the largest concentration of the most recognizable bird in the world congregate. You’ll be witness to over 200 breeding pairs of Scarlet Macaws in the wild as they take advantage of the seasonal fruit feast from November-March.


Belize kayak tours
Sittee River

We’ll drive you about 8 miles up river to the Red Bridge, where you’ll start in a small creek leading to the Sittee River. You’ll spend over 2 hours traveling down the Sittee River through dense jungle where you’ll experience some of the best birding and wildlife Belize has to offer as your guide explains the local flora and fauna. At the end of the trip, you’ll end up at the Curve bar in the Sittee River marina, where you can enjoy a victory drink as we load up to bring you back to the resort.


Depending on the tide, you’ll either start or finish at Palmento Grove, where the estuarial waters of Freshwater Lagoon and Creek flow into the Caribbean Sea. You’ll travel through the untouched marshy lowlands called the “savannah” locally, where you’ll kayak in, through, and under the tunnels created by a massive mangrove forest. Given the remoteness of the site and the low-impact of the kayaks, you’ll experience nature at its most primal including egrets, jabiru, stork, tiger herons, and if you’re lucky, even a crocodile!